A Tale of Two Dogs – Part 2

2 dogs one smart and one dunce.. picasso style

In A Tale of Two Dogs – Part 1, I told you about two very different dogs – Smart Dog and Dumb Dog – and how their examples can be informative when you want to scale your business.

 It’s all about the fit. 

 Dumb Dog, the poodle bichon mix, wouldn’t be selected to go on a hunt or asked by the police to join a major drug bust because she can barely smell anything and can’t intimidate a rabbit.

 Smart Dog, the German shepherd / husky mix, wouldn’t be the mascot of the racial equality parade or asked to sit next to anyone in a dark suit who didn’t want to be covered in dog hair.

 They had their own strengths where they could thrive in their own way.

 It’s the same in business.

 It’s about the fit of your teams and the knowledge and skills they possess.

 So do you have the right people in the right places to accomplish what you want? 

 If not, do you have the means and plans to get the teams or train up who you have?

 In my book Roadblocks You Can’t Ignore, I introduce the concept of the Triangle of Success, which is the three areas where your business needs to click on all cylinders to scale and grow.

 The three areas are 1) Acquiring new customers, 2) Servicing new customers, and 3) creating the solutions customers want.

 The Triangle of Success is a great tool to think about how to scale your business.

Leg 1: Sales and bringing in more customers

 As your business grows, you’ll eventually need to start scaling your sales team. The good news is that there are a few tried and true methods for doing this. 

 The first is to bring on more salespeople. This will obviously require an investment, but it’s often the quickest way to increase your customer base. 

 Another option is to create a territory system, where each salesperson is responsible for a specific area. This can help to make sure that no potential customers are being overlooked. 

 Finally, you can also focus on training and development, ensuring that your existing sales team is as effective as possible. 

 Whatever approach you choose, scaling your sales team is essential for continuing to bring in new customers.

Leg 2: Scale your service team to give amazing experiences and referrals

 Did you know that most companies that successfully scale and grow do so by generating 3x as much revenue from existing customers as from new ones?

 Simply put, they provide the experience that inspires customers to spend more and to refer their friends and family.

 If you want to scale your service team so that you can give amazing experiences and help drive referrals, here are a few things to consider. 

 First and foremost, you need to make sure that your team is properly trained. They should know how to handle difficult customer service situations without losing their cool. 

 Secondly, you need to make sure that your team is properly staffed. You don’t want too many people on the team, as this can lead to inefficient communications. But you also don’t want too few people, as this can lead to overwhelmed employees and unhappy customers. 

 Finally, you need to make sure that your team has the right attitude. They should be friendly, helpful, and patient, even in the most difficult situations. 

 If you can find a team that has all these qualities, then you are well on your way to giving amazing experiences and getting good business on referrals. 

Leg 3: Design and upgrade what you offer to keep people coming back

 If you want to keep people coming back, you need to always be improving your offerings. That means constantly evaluating what you have to offer and finding ways to make it better. It also means being willing to experiment and take risks. 

 For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, you might want to try out new menu items or redesign your dining room. If you’re a retailer, you might want to add new products or change up your store layout. 

 Of course, it’s also important to keep an eye on your competition and ensure you’re offering something they’re not. But as long as you’re always striving to improve, you’ll be in good shape.

 Just as you wouldn’t put a excitable poodle in charge of security at a church, it’s also important to have the right team in place when you’re scaling your business. 

 Having too many cooks in the kitchen can lead to spoiled broth.  Assigning the toilet attendants to cook can lead to food poisoning.

 So make sure you have systems and people in place that can handle all three major areas of the customer experience.

 Having the right mix of sales, service, and design teams will let your business keep growing without sacrificing quality. 

 Do you have the right people on the right teams?

 In the final post of this series, we will talk about the most common mistake companies make that screws this all up.