Are You Running Your Business Like a Scared Chicken?

Terried chicken at a Presidential Lectern

In the US, the 2024 elections are upon us.

Throughout 2023 we have seen the spectacle on the Republican side of nearly every candidate furiously debating and running against each other to be Number 2 in the race.

Trump leads by a mile and except Chris Christie, you would never know it by the knees on the pavement supplication of the other candidates.

They are all running to avoid angering Trump and alienating his supporters.

So they twist themselves in Pretzels to not say the obvious.

That they think Trump would be a disaster.

Which is they are running for the office in the first place!

And so they come off as weak and inauthentic…

Because they are wishy washy and so come off as sycophants.

And they don’t know how to differentiate themselves.

A winning message isn’t… “Vote for me instead of Trump.. even though he is a great guy and I dare not cross him.. but vote for me…”

The character of his opponents makes this a great primary for Trump who does not come off as weak or as someone saying something he doesn’t want to say.

You see the Trump supporters are not mindless robots or ignorant racists.

They support Trump because Trump gives them the freedom to express their opinions –without fear of the PC police or being cancelled.

By even the outrageous things he says.. he gives them the space to express their common sense opinions that often were accepted fact for thousands of years but which run counter today to Snowflakes and other reality challenged triggered types.

That is the key to his support.

And what many politicians don’t understand.

Trump “gets” his supporters like a business should get its best customers.

And he says and does things to make them feel better about themselves than they did before.

And he does that by not trying to be all things to everyone…

And it resonates with his supporters..

Now before some of you get all hot in the collar… I think a President of the United States has to think different. He can’t think like a business owner.

The Presidency is not an asset or a business to exploit.

He or she has to be servant leader and consider the welfare of all Americans… not just the fanatical supporters or those who cheer them on the loudest.

But as a Business Owner your constituency are your customers and prospects who think and feel like your best customers.

It’s not “the market” or every professional in a 500 mile area, etc.

So find your superior offer. Communicate it effectively. Attract your tribe and repel like crazy the people you do not want as customers.

And you will win your business year after year.

You will truly “get tired of winning.”

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