Bullied by the Numbers

Boxer facing Bambi in the ring who wants to climb the ropes and run away

Often when I sit down with clients or prospects we start a discussion about the numbers.

And I have to call off the discussion in a few minutes.

Because I feel like Rocky pummeling Bambi in the ring.

The headlights in their eyes as they are punched around over and over with critical questions..

“What are your customer acquisition costs?”

“What is the Lifetime Value of your Customers?”

“What is the relative profit of each segment?”

And uncomprehending silence…

But here’s the thing..

My questions are softballs compared to what they will face when King Kong comes into the ring and demands to know the answers before deciding whether he wants to invest or not.

But these aren’t only questions for an acquisition.

These are questions which the answers will make your lives much easier as business owners today.

Answers that will help you pinpoint what is not working, what you should be investing more in, and how far and where you can take your business.

But it all starts with measuring, compiling, and getting you the data in a clear and useful manner.

It’s one of the reasons why investors and buyers look at the quality of your financial reporting.

Not only does it pertain to the truth of what you are proclaiming for your performance and future growth prospects.

It shines a very bright light as to your current competency and proficiency when it comes to the numbers.

If the books look amateurish, then your business is run by an amateur.

And amateurs don’t get paid much if at all.

So you are leaving a great deal of money on the table.

Not only tomorrow to a potential exit, but today with misallocations and missed opportunities.

And less cash in your pocket.

Unless of course, you measure and act on what you need.

Which I hope is the case.

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