Consistent Full Tables

Yesterday I spoke about the unfortunate experience of the Greek Cafe.

Today I talk about a wildly different experience at a restaurant translated as “Olives”.

A Restaurant we have celebrated our wedding anniversary several times.

Like the Greek Café it shares an unfettered view of the sea.

Like the Greek Café it styles itself as a restaurant serving local Greek food especially from the Messenian region (where famous Kalamata olives come from).

And here the similarities end.

When you approach this restaurant, you are met by a sign that is a big menu.

The menu itself is in Greek and English and the sign is professionally produced with high quality printing of the colours and the fonts.

There are no pictures of the food.

And once you look up from this big menu you are met by a sea of full tables with waiters running back and forth.

They are busy and still greeting everyone with a smile.

The patrons are a mix of locals and tourists from the nearby golf and sea resorts.

And the quality is impeccable.

From the fresh bread that greets you when you sit down.

To the local house wine that tastes much better than many of the wines they serve us at restaurants back home.

To the food that regardless of what you order – from the fish to the meats to the vegetables all scream one thing.

Consistent Highest Quality and Taste

And so the tables are full.

The locals come back again and again because they know exactly what they will get (as we do every year).
The tourists come because their friends told them and the reputation and reviews of the place spread far and wide.

And the owner?

Passionate just like the Greek café owner and meticulous.

Every experience of the restaurant, from walking by to the exquisite ice cream or fresh fruit platter, which are offered for free after the main dishes, is a consistent, high-quality experience.

And the ironic thing is that the pricing is no more expensive or cheaper than the competition.

He doesn’t fill his tables by being cheap.

He fills them by providing consistent high-quality experiences.

Day after day. Year after year.

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