Customer Experience Q&A: Part 2- Answers

Below are objections in part 1 and the replies.

“We can’t afford to invest in customer experience”: 

You really can’t afford not to invest. In fact this should be your highest priority, especially if you are struggling due to customer churn or facing high new customer acquisition costs.

When you invest in enhancing the customer experience you are directly investing in your business’s long-term success – in a more effective and direct way than advertising, branding, or any other areas you might be spending money. 

“Our industry doesn’t really care”

Even more why you should invest.  It will differentiate you and allow you to stand out and charge more for better service and acquire better customers.

Or you can ignore this obvious opportunity and follow blindly your competitors in providing the lowest common denominator of customer service. Then you’re just the blind following the blind. And you know what happens when the blind follow the blind…(Hint: there is a cliff involved).

“Our customers are only interested in price”: 

I have a two word answer for that..  B and S…

In fact, a colleague I know, Vance Morris owns a carpet cleaning company which is very successful, has a waiting list of customers, and charges on average 4x his competitors (yes that is 400% more). You can’t find a more price war intensive industry than his, but Vance stands out by exceptional service and people pay up for it.

Here’s the fact.

People are willing to pay up for exceptional service – even in something as commoditised as carpet cleaning. 

Price is important, but many industries have shown that customers will pay more for a great experience. How often have you “overpaid” at a restaurant when a much cheaper McDonalds was right down the street?

When you offer a superior experience, you can charge higher prices and attract more loyal, profitable, and ultimately much better customers.

“We don’t have the resources to become more customer-centric”

You don’t need to overwhelm yourself or completely overhaul your business. Just identify areas where you can improve and start taking small steps. You’ll see a big difference and even bigger rewards over time.

“This is how we do things”

Ahh the staple argument…and sometimes dangerous.

Customers are always wanting better service, and it’s getting tough to deliver. You ignore at your own peril and risk falling behind your competitors and becoming irrelevant.

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