Discount from a Thief

The phone call came in the middle of my lunch with my family..

“Hi Mr. George..

(By the way not to stop the story before it starts…  I think it’s hilarious to be called Mr. George. Only happened when I moved to Dubai.  There are many reasons I have made this my home for nearly 15 years… and being able to be addressed anywhere I go as Mr. George.. definitely ranks up there…)

Phone Agent: “This is So and So from “ (a company I won’t mention) “and we want to know whether you want to sign up for our new special package…”

Mr. George: “Let me stop you here..  I was a customer of yours for several years and had to cancel my last subscription.  You stole my money with no explanation and never gave me a refund.”

Phone Agent:  “But Sir…”

(I also get called “Sir” a lot here..  never knew I was knighted which is cool considering I’m not even British…)

Mr George: “you stole money from my daughters.  You literally took food out of their mouths because that is your reputation and what your company is all about…”

Phone Agent:  “But Sir.. we have a great discount going on now..!!! “

Mr. George: “A discount?  Serious..  you steal from my children and you offer a discount?”

Phone Agent: “Sir.. don’t you want to hear the discount?”

Mr. George: “No, I don’t want to hear the discount and I don’t want to hear from you and your company again. Take me off your list and as this call is recorded .. I do not do business with those who steal from me.”

I hung up.

Shame… I never listened to their discount.

Guess it shows … price isn’t everything.

But the way you price things and use prices can really show what type of business you are.

Many of you know already, try to compete by offering a lot of freebies or offering the cheapest prices, and you often end up with nightmare customers who are not very loyal and drive you nuts over a 30 cent bag of crisps where the label is misspelled.

What’s worse is when you’re solicited by companies whose only strategy is price.

Pimps with briefcases.

Who nickel and dime you or ….

Believe all customers are dogs eager for the scraps from their table.

You don’t want to stand out from your competitors by being a price pimp.

How you can stand out better is what I’ll talk about in the next few posts.

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