Do you Know About Taxes?

Grumpy bearded restauarnt owner

That was the opening question I was asked from the guy who walked into our circle at the table and interrupted my conversation.

I was at a loss for words while my mouth was open and catching flies….

“Yes..” as I regained control of my brain… “yes.. I know about accounting, audit and taxes.. I have been in business over 30 years so those have come up…”

Sarcasm was lost on him as was a basic command of the English language.. because his accent and vocabulary were terrible…

He then went on a 5 minute pitch describing the business he works for, including all their services, their departments, and I think up through the brand of trousers the boss wears but it was hard to tell..

As I had already tuned him out and was looking for the easiest escape path..

But then I decided to have a bit of fun with my eager new friend..

“So what is your expertise?”

“I told you we can do audit, accounting, tax, web design, development, and hell fly a plane and land it on the water…”

(Ok I made up that last part…

He continued…)

“We have teams to do all that..”

“So you are in sales or consulting?” I asked him

“consulting.. we do consulting and I’m on the team so I’m consulting…. “

Ok let’s stop here as it’s just as painful to continue writing this story, as I’m sure it is hearing it and let me assure you almost as bad as having to experience it.

Think about it..

Here is someone who is talking to me and wanting to pay him money and give him sensitive information about
• My Numbers
• My staff
• My Plans

• To trust him with the future of my business

And he couldn’t speak English

And was extremely annoying and couldn’t answer basic questions…

I finally told him I have all that sorted and very happy with the company I’m using.

He asked for my number…

I shook his hand, thanked him and walked away.

What was his company thinking?

They would have been better off walking a dog on my lawn, having it make a big steaming pile of waste and planting a banner in it telling me to call them.

This is not how you stand out, get customers excited about you, gain the freedom to price the value you provide and get them to refer their friends and family to you.

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