Don’t Commoditise Yourself

successful business meeting people shaking hands in suits showing positive result of pricing strategy

Yesterday I told you about the Profit and Dine participant who discovered his 20x profit accelerator in just 5 minutes.

Today I want to talk about another insight that came up.

One of the things I asked the participants was to rate their offerings on how differentiated they are…. How valuable they are in the eyes of their customers.

And without fail.. almost every one undervalued and commoditised what they were offering..

By undervalued I mean they were treating what they did on the same scale as if they were selling spoons or paper towels.

They were scoring their services a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1 to 100 where 1 is a commodity like selling sand in a desert.

So I asked each one of them if they were the cheapest.

“No not even close…”

“So why do your customers buy from you.. and how often do they do so?”

And the reasons came flooding in why customers like doing business with them and bought more than once where possible from them.

And the truth came out..

Each one of them was offering something valuable and unique to their customers.

Something that differentiated them in the eyes of their customers.

And which they could use to build and grow their business.

So why did they score themselves a 1 and 2 originally?

Because there are competitors who do what they do…

But the presence of competition doesn’t automatically mean you only sell a commodity and you have to worry about pricing cheap.

On the contrary, once my profit and dine colleagues saw the value in their actual differentiation.. they knew what they had to do to take advantage and grow their business.

When the session ended they walked away as owners of premium value and were no longer stuck in the “I sell what everyone else does commodity mindset”.

What do you think that is worth to them?

I can’t give a full numerical answer right now but I do know I can’t wait to hear about the rapid progress they wilk make over the next few days, weeks and months.

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