Eliminating The Spiders Trapping you in your Business

Spider with a clock as a body showing the time wasting spiders laying waste to entrepreneurs

The poor moth never saw it coming.

The shiny shimmering threads glinting in the full moonlight looked so alluring.

“Come” it seemed to call to it.

“See how shiny and silky we are…”

And sticky…. Very sticky… but that wasn’t mentioned.

Soon the moth was trapped.

The more it struggled.. the more it became trapped..

But it’s horror was only beginning…

From a dark corner it saw a dark shape emerge…

Eight eyes locked into its wide open terrified ones..

Soon a blur as it saw itself covered in a cocoon of white and silk

Then a bite.. and everlasting darkness…


Just another day at the office..

The $1 billion lottery drawing didn’t reflect the numbers of your childrens’ birthdays, your spouse’s and the dog’s.

So time to go in…

As soon as you walk in.. it begins..

The questions you can swear you have already answered 100 times.

….The web begins to tighten…

Here comes the disgruntled customer who has spent the least with you but has a knack for demanding more and more of your time.

He has already called 5 times demanding to speak with you..

And it’s 8:30 AM.

….You can feel yourself breathing more heavily.

Your phone shows an email from the “Kidnapper”…

He is demanding higher upfront payments to agree to continue supplying you the materials you critically need for your business.

You don’t have an alternative…

Not negotiating with Terrorists is not part of your playbook.

You both negotiate and sleep with them.

It’s how you keep the doors open but it’s getting tougher and tougher.

…. The cocoon wrapping you doesn’t feel so silky anymore…

Maybe tomorrow will be different you hope before the bite that wears you out for the day comes…

And the insanity continues…

Because doing the same thing and hoping for different results is insane…

As insane as the moth who wanted to touch the lovely silk of the spider web.

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