Every Day is a Crisis…

charge of men over battle field ww1 scene

I was in a meeting last week planning an event and speaking to the owner of the venue.

He is a successful businessman who comes from an entrepreneurial family who have been successful in their various endeavors for generations.

So if anyone knows business it is this individual.

And yet…

When he picked up my book he started sharing with me his dilemma.


Every Day…

Without fail..

Some crisis .. in some part of his business empire demanding his attention

Taking him away from what he wants to work on that day.

“If I can spend 2 hours on what I want to do that is a very good day for me..”

And he’s frustrated..

“I have my team, I have my systems and still every day there is chaos and crisis…

And if there isn’t one…. I am somehow able to find or create one..”

We laughed but that was the crux of the issue.

There is one crisis that leads to all these other ones.

And we’ll find it in the dynamic between him and his teams.

But the lesson for all of us is that we are not alone..

Many of us deal with the same challenges

And the good news is that the solutions based on solid principles are more than enough to meet them.

Like we discover on our Owner’s Tables.

You can grab your invite to sit at the table here.

To your success and sanity,