Fallacy of Blackmailing Batman

nervous business guy who tried to blackmail batman

“Let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands. And your plan is to blackmail this person. Good luck.”
– Lucius Fox.. the Dark Knight

This is one of the best business negotiation scenes I have ever seen.

No Powerpoint presentation.

No detailed features and benefits from an initiative to blackmail Bruce Wayne.

Just a clear vivid vision of how ludicrous the idea is.

And it works…

Bruce’s identity remains hidden..

And what does it have to do with our businesses?

Well do we paint a clear picture – a clear vision as one of the best negotiators the late Jim Camp used to teach.

For him, the failure to paint a clear vision is one of the big predictive factors behind a negotiation that ultimately fails.

But back to our customers.

How often do we try to convince our customers or “sell them” on an exhaustive list of features or benefits that just accomplish burying them in boredom and a desire to get away from us.

It’s like weight loss.

Which is more effective.

“Try this diet plan and lose 10 pounds of excess vascular fat”
“Try this plan and fit into the same size jeans you wore on your graduation for your upcoming 20 year reunion”

The second paints an image in the person’s mind, that is much more compelling.

And ultimately more persuasive.

Can you articulate the transformation, the vision, that your product or solution provides your customes and that helps you stand out?

If not, ask your best customers why they chose you and how you changed their lives and then be able to mine the gold in their experiences to articulate your unique solution.

And understand being able to provide a truthful and powerful vision lifts much of the heavy weight off your shoulders.

Your prospects are more likely to accept what you’re telling them because you’ve given them the vision.

And they’re much more willing to pay for that because they can see the transformation that they’re gonna go through.

So when you are facing a tough negotiation or a difficult customer demanding a drastic price cut, step back and think about the transformation you provide in your solutions and be able to put that into a vision that they can picture themselves.

When it works, pricing discussions go out the window or you get rid of who would be a bad client at that time.

And for those who buy into your vision, it goes without saying you better be able to deliver.

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