Filling The Seats

woman leading musicians on a Saudi Stage

I had a client who ran events and came to me to help her scale the business that was currently burying her and hindering her from focusing on a major expansion into Saudi Arabia (at the start of the current expansion there so she was one of the first ones..).

She had several areas but one was providing musical entertainment to restaurants.

It was a traditional growth driver but was getting squeezed now by all the new entrants coming in.

So she was finding herself drawn into it more and more and wondering if she should just “let it go” so she can focus on the expansion.

“How would you like to have your cake and eat it too?”  I asked…

“What do you mean?”

“How would you like to kickstart the growth back in the restaurant entertainment with your team while you free your time to continue focusing on the strategic expansion into Saudi?”

She was dubious to say the least…but I then sat down with her and her marketing manager and in 60 minutes she left as a true believer.

And she ended up doing both: Ignited growth back into her core business while being able to step back to focus on Saudi expansion where she now spends the majority of her time.

What did we do?

I’ll give a small recap about that tomorrow.

But as a spoiler alert – it meant shifting the focus away from the features of what she does to the outcomes the restaurants would experience by hiring her.

Which we’ll talk about tomorrow.

And whose exercise we will conduct in our upcoming Profit and Dine Differentiation Series this Thursday online (11 AM EST / 4 PM BST / 7 PM GST) and a week from tomorrow live in Dubai (19th June 5 – 8 PM GST in the Deck Restaurant at the Vocco Hotel in the Palm).


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