Get Unstuck in your Business

woman stuck in mud on motorbike showing a business stuck

In the last couple days we had a common element between throwing pearls to pigs and being stuck in the car after a rain.


As it relates to business – the mud of commoditisation.

Do you remember Jane from a couple of days ago.

When I started working with her she was stuck and frustrated.

She had a client she felt desperate to keep but who was taking up 70% of her time (and only worth about 20% of her profits).

And we started working together and she realised this client needed to be fired, but she was scared.

My cash flow is on the edge.. what if I can’t find anyone else to take his place?”

But before she could fire her client, we needed to get her out of the commodity bog.

And we did it together by helping her identify what really stood her apart from the competition.

What results did her non-PIA customers enjoy through her and how could we encapsulate and communicate that to find more of them (if you missed it from 2 days ago. PIA stands for pain in the * ss).

We figured out what made her different and it was way more effective than her old pitch of “I sell advertising like everyone else.”

With her new insights, she was ready to fire her PIA client and focus on those who actually valued her unique approach.

And now she’s getting the growth and cash flow she wanted for herself and her young family.

If you get stuck in the mud, just reach out to me up and we’ll get you out together.


 I work with small business owners who started the business to have a better life, only to find themselves falling short and then getting frustrated by the broken promises and lack of results when they sought help elsewhere.

That’s when they find me and I show them exactly what path to take when investing their time and money in their business, so they can live the life they want.

We do it through 1;1 consultations, group master round tables and workshops and other collaborations whose insights are 100% tailored to them and which can easily be implemented.

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