Getting Customers as a Hassle

I received this email the other day.

What’s up George,

Noticed Sophiall have some really good testimonials.

Would you be able to onboard 5 new clients this quarter? Or would it be too much of a hassle?


All the best, XXXX

I ignored this email for a couple of reasons…. Mostly because it’s generic and how do they know what it takes to onboard a client – let alone 5 – in my business.

And the NLP technique of putting me on the spot with the word hassle is painfully obvious..

A few days later.. this person wrote back with a one word email…

Sent from Iphone

And I knew right there I have content for today’s post and email.

So let’s take a step back.

Someone shouts out to you uninvited, makes a superficial comment about your appearance, and then makes a big promise.

And after being ignored…

Shouts out your name…

I’m sure I’ve seen this before.

Now this person who sent me this email is a woman.

I know she has experienced something of the following…

She is walking down the street to work minding her own business…

When she is startled by a dog whiste and a man’s loud shout..

“Hey Babe,, noticed you have some good ‘Testimonials’
Would you be able to handle 5 <CENSORED> this weekend, or is that too much of a hassle?”

Let me know!…

Days later she walks by the same spot on the way to work..

“Hey B****! “

Matchmaking and dating coaches are a big business out there.

But I wager the ones with the best track records do not include charging lonely people thousands to learn how to whistle and harass.

Why do so when it comes to attracting customers to your business?

How much do you think this person paid for this stupid opening cold email script?

And I know it’s a script because I have seen it.. countless number of times from all types of marketing.

Just like this author has probably heard this whistle and question in all parts of different cities at all times in her life.

There is a better way – and that includes identifying who would be your best customers and speaking to them on their terms and their language.

Like we speak to each other at the Owner’s Table. If you want a real discussion without catcalls and pitches then sign up here.