Give me that Toothache Back

bull at dentist shop

Imagine a middle-aged overweight man who after years of sweets has an excruciating toothache.

So bad that he has to miss his meeting with his Tax Advisor who was helping him with a Tax Fine of $25,000 he was facing and causing him sleepless nights.

This man, who we shall call Bob, goes to the Star dentist in the neighborhood.

The Star Dentist fixes the tooth and relieves the pain in 3 minutes.

Bob tells the Dental Assistant to send him the bill to the office so he can rush out and hurriedly reschedules his meeting with the Tax Advisor.

They meet.

What follows is 2 hours of discussions and analysis but by the end of the meeting the Tax Advisor sends a note to the government revenue office with some adjustments.

The $25,000 Fax Fine is waived.

Bob receives an invoice of $5,400 from the Tax Advisor.

Bob angrily slams the invoice down and literally shouting down the phone tells the Tax Advisor’s secretary he is not paying $2,700 an hour….

The $750 Bill comes from the Dentist.

Bob tells the Assistant where to shove that bill as he does not pay anyone $750 an hour…

— A couple of weeks later—-

The $25,000 tax fine plus interest is back on..

Bob is arrested for tax fraud but during the arrest he becomes belligerent.

The Agents subdue him and in the process knock his mouth and give him an excruciating toothache.

No Dentist or Tax Advisor takes Bob’s call..

Bob ends up nursing his sore gums and tooth by sucking a lemon in a danky cell…

Bob is an idiot.. no?

Bringing back a world of pain on himself because he doesn’t like the “hourly rate..”

Now the above situation is ridiculous

No one would act that way….



Well business owners throughout the world limit themselves to hourly billing when it comes to their solutions…

Solutions that often make a major impact on their customers’ lives.

and hourly billing has no relevance.

Don’t be a Bob.

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