He Will Grow Into It

Man with too small clothes and dressed funny

With one glance you knew the young man did not know how to dress himself.

He showed up for his summer holiday after several months of winter and packed for the extremes of climate change.

From bathing suits and tank tops to a heavy jacket and scarf.

As if he had won a trip on Branson’s or Bezos’ next space flight and it was a mystery ticket to Venus or Mars, and he wasn’t sure what exactly was needed.

And what he did end up wearing… three sizes too small.

As he had grown horizontally and vertically since the last summer.

And so a shopping trip was in order to buy clothes that fit and matched July in Greece.

Now you might be asking..

“Why are you telling me this?”


The boy had no concept of growth.

He did not prepare for it or dress for it.

He was stuck in childhood and suffered the embarrassment of having to go to a store with his brother’s in-laws to buy the basics.

Many businesses are like that.

We get so caught up in the day to day that we neglect to identify, create, and pave future paths of growth.

We neglect to invest in technologies and systems that allow us to scale 5x and not have to hire to handle it.

Or we see an opportunity but it looks too big and seems to require too much work, so we never take a single step towards it.

And here’s the thing.. you don’t always need to take advantage of the whole opportunity. It’s not black and white. On and Off. 1s and 0s only.

Just a few steps can unleash the business, put more in your pocket, and position you for a major pay day when someone comes along, sees the path you started and wants to invest in you or your business because of it.

When business owners ask me about making their companies more sellable, I tell them the following.

Potential buyers aren’t just purchasing where you stand today but how high you will climb tomorrow.

If you can show higher paths of growth, you will be far more attractive.

So consider investing where practical in technologies and systems that allow you to scale, and implement strategies that signal or even shout to investors the exciting untapped potential of your business.

That young man in the beginning of our story.

Has grown up quickly and become a sharp and savvy dresser.

And very popular with the girls on his summer trips.


Thinking About Selling Your Business

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