Help me Tailor my Business

A clown which shows the spammer is holding a business meeting

Thank God for Thomas G!

I received an email from him.. cold email of course…

Thomas G here from XXXXe, the LinkedIn content-creation platform for executives and business leaders.

Hmm..that’s great! I own a business so this specificity is speaking right to me!! I feel special like the other 147 MILLION Executive and Business Leaders identified from Linkedin Sales Navigator.

I came across your LinkedIn profile and thought how much more impact it could have with tailored content.

Wow. He came across my profile and thought it needs to be tailored. I guess the 200+ daily articles I have written, the personalised content in my profile and about section are not tailored enough?

Hmm he must be onto something though.. after all he made me feel special as one of the 147 million executive and business leaders they target.

Our mission at XXXX-e is to amplify the digital presence of executives and professionals by providing personalized LinkedIn content that aligns with their expertise.

Yawn. Reader may I introduce you to vanilla marketing from Chat GPT. Boy I really want to invest my money and AMPLIFY MY DIGITAL PRESENCE.

Now I know what was keeping me up at night…

Whether you’re aiming to catch the attention of recruiters, board members, or simply expand your professional network, consistent and meaningful content is key.

Mr Reader.. now let me introduce you to Mr. Obvious…

Thomas you forgot to add… “As is having a regular diet, drinking plenty of water, and consistent bowel movements.”

Lack of time is often what holds you back, which is why we created XXXXX

Somehow I think writing to 147 million people to state the obvious will require a significant amount of my time. Imagine how many “I’m good” responses I’ll need to filter.

If you’re interested in the subject, we can discuss it together over the next few days:

Yes Please..

Also, feel free to explore our platform with a 15-day free trial:

Ah.. the desperate guy at the bar during last call running to any girl standing and telling them his name, that he likes to talk to women who breathe and eat, and since she’s obviously breathing would she join him for a walk on the beach under the stars… and here’s his number.

Call me!!

Not anytime this century Thomas.

So who got paid to make Thomas look like a fool?

You don’t have to be a clown to stand out with your business and get the customers you want and deserve.

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