He’s not the Messiah… He’s a Very Spammy Boy

roman in front of modern dressed crowd

“He’s not the Messiah…. He’s a very Naughty Boy!”
– Monty Python’s Life of Brian

One of my favourite lines from Life of Brian.

In the scene Brian’s mother has caught him with a woman in his room while a crowd is outside demanding to see him.

Because they think he’s the messiah..

They’re mistaken.

And the mother knows this.. and tries to tell them the truth…

He is just a naughty boy…

And this is the dilemma we face from the false messiahs in business.

They come to us promising the easy magic, the trick that will fill our companies with countless qualified leads and top notch customers.

Our struggle is over..

We just need to worship this messiah…

And of course give him thousands of dollars…

And our entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Like this offer in my email.

“Specifically, 1000 free cell #s and emails of your dream client.

Even more specific: REAL, Up to date and 90%+ accurate leads for FREE.

He’s not the Messiah… he’s a very Spammy Boy…

I’ll admit. As I have been building and growing my own business I have also fell for these.

The psychology is impressive and it’s easy to get hooked on buying solution after solution.

But when you focus on principles. When you focus on strategies.

Then you put yourself on a road to sustainable long-term success and avoid the games and preaching of short-term tactics and huckster Messiahs.

It starts with knowing what helps you stand out and how you can communicate it.

Understanding why your customers buy from you and finding more like them.

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