I Must Have a Discount

busy woman who missed a bus

“You must give me a discount!”

He said right after telling me he wanted to become a subscriber.

“Actually, I don’t need to give you Squat. Because I don’t need your business. Sure I would like to have it… but I don’t need it.”

How often do you get to reply that way to someone who unreasonably demands a discount?

Now I’m not talking about someone who pays in advance and asks for upfront discount.

Or someone who can buy in bulk and seeking a proper volume discount.

No, I’m talking about those prospects and clients who demand a discount as an entitlement for them.

An entitlement to shake you down until the last coins fall out of your pockets and the last morsels of food are grabbed from your child’s outstretched hands.

Now, the way to avoid that is one to ensure that you do not get into a position where you need clients like these.

Because if you do, they will discount you until you have nothing left to turn on the lights in your house and consume all your life energy into answering their every beck and call.

So how do you protect yourself from the Discount Zombies I introduced last week?

We’ll talk about that tomorrow.


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