I Need to Build a Wall….Around my Inbox

The Pricing Pimps were out in full force.

“Do you need web development, apps, your car serviced, your ACs cleaned, and a personal wipe?…

“We can do all that and more for cheaper than anyone else.

“Call us.. and if you don’t want to hear from us.. call us anyways and tell us you don’t want to hear from us.. but first you need us to pitch you on something you don’t want…”

Does your Linkedin Inbox look like this?

It amazes me how many of these marketers with SFB (I’ll let you guess what that stands for…) just assume everything revolves around cheap prices.

That all we care about is to buy their incompetence and stupidity because they are cheaper..

Yes please annoy me and disrupt my day and that’s ok because you are 10% cheaper but will waste 10x my time and force me to go back to the drawing board and find a real solution because you’re a hack that won’t get the job done…

God I love competitors like this…

And when I come across Discount Zombies (who mindlessly drone on asking you to drop your prices) or Price Pythons (who squeeze your soul to save a cent), I send them to the Pricing Pimps as it’s a marriage made in heaven.

However, if you are someone who actually produces quality work that provides a real impact to your customers than you don’t have to worry about these cheap hustlers.

Because your quality customers will pay up for the transformation you provide.

You see they don’t want to waste time and energy on the business equivalent of pink cadillacs and fluffy dice.

They want the solutions and transformations you will provide.

And will pay your price for it… if you know what to charge.

Which is what our 5th December Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration Advisory Session is all about.

Details to come shortly.

But suffice to say.. after 90 minutes you will have the knowledge and practical tools to price for impact and change your customer’s lives as well as your own.