Is your Business Journey Bumpy or Smooth?

Ever drive the streets of Chicago?

You would think you were in Gaza, Mariupol or any other war-torn city.

Cracks and Potholes everywhere and a crash helmet is sometimes required when driving your car at night because you won’t see the pothole that launches you to the roof of the car.

So yes you are on the road to get from point A to Point B but there is no guarantee your car and you will all arrive in one piece.

I compare that to driving in Dubai.

The roads are impeccable (where paved).

(And yes I know Chicago has extreme weather fluctuations but so does much of Northern Europe with cities just as populated and their roads are also impeccable…)

The only bumps you feel are those places where they purposefully put in speed bumps to slow down traffic.

And so driving the roads here is a smooth experience and one where you can focus on what lies ahead instead of weaving and swerving to avoid whack a mole potholes.

So what’s the point in this driving lesson?

Your business is a journey too and if you are hitting potholes and smashing your head (mentally or figuratively) than it’s time to step back and determine if you and your business are on the right road.

What are some potholes you might be hitting?

Taking a few days off to spend with family and coming back to angry customers and crisis – big pothole.

Working overtime every week and missing your children’s milestones because you had that customer “crisis” or phonecall? – another big pothole.

Having to do everything yourself because you want it done right and fast? – not only a pothole but a potential Baltimore bridge collapse type of obstacle.

Well you get the idea.

And the good news is we will be helping you pave over and avoid these potholes over the next few days.

And if you’re in Dubai this is the focus of our next Trifecta Profit and Dine Mastermind on Wednesday 24 April. 

In this workshop dinner we will be helping business owners with first class delegation so they can step back and free themselves from the day-to-day grind.  

In addition, we will be helping them drive up their word of mouth referrals by putting them on a highway to effective referral partnerships instead of “collecting business card” networking events.

Details to follow but keep your eyes posted on this space.


My name is George Sotiropoulos

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