Is Your Business Riding in This Taxi?

Clown driving a Taxi and holding a bottle of whiskey

Imagine you take a special taxi every day after work to go home.

The taxi itself is very comfortable and you strike up great conversations with the driver and other passengers he picks up on the way to your destination.

And each passenger before they exit the cab makes an agreement with the driver and you that you will pay their fare.

“Don’t forget to tip him too?” they say as they exit the cab.

And before you get home the driver pulls over asks you about the money you earned that day and demands a 55% cut of that before he gets back on the road to take you home.

You give him the money.

You finally get home and and he drops you off with a smile and a handshake after you also pay the taxi fare for everyone who was in the cab.

But he only lets go of your hand after you also pay the tip for each passenger.

“See you tomorrow and don’t be late.” He demands.

Sure you agree and the cycle continues.

Stupid story?

Yes of course it is because why would anyone in their right mind take that type of taxi?

But is it true?

Yes it is..

And you’ll be surprised how many of you do this every day.. without knowing it.

Which we will discuss over the next few days.

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