Key Lesson from a War Criminal

ww2 soldier in a modern office

It was disturbing – especially as I’m a father.

The Einstatzgruppe veteran talking about how he killed women and children.

He was told to save ammunition so he would shoot the child while the mother was holding it so he could kill both with one bullet – instead of bashing the child’s head on a tree.

When asked how he could do it in the first place?

He rationalised it by saying the children could not survive without their parents so he was doing them a favour.

He rationalized his moral failure as some sort of virtue.

And that is very human.

Not only for a degenerate war criminal but for people everywhere.

We often rationalise the stupid and abnormal things we do by saying it will be different next time.

As if whatever is causing us pain has become a hobby.

It’s like when I speak to business owners who obviously have a problem.

They can never spend time with their kids!

In fact, they never spend time with family.

Not because they want to avoid them.

But they rationalise it by saying … they can’t.

They’re too busy… the business demands too much…

And besides, their hard work is for their children.

(I know that is the excuse I used to use sometimes myself).

But in reality, unless you change the rules of this game you will be stuck doing the same thing repeatedly and praying for a different result.

And as I said before… that is insanity.

And unnecessary.

The fact is that you do not have to resign yourself to ungoldly hours and carrying an entire business on your back.

Creating the opportunities to do the opposite are what we touch on in our Owners tables.

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