Kuro Maguri Sushi with Sliders Please

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Hi ,

Safe to say you won’t often find Kuro Maguro Sushi (blue fin tuna) ordered together with Slider Buns.

And the reason is atmosphere.

Which we discussed previously.

Successful restaurants rely on more than food to keep patrons coming back.

They provide an atmosphere.. the intangible environment which attracts who they want.

Which is why the atmosphere in the restaurant to bring an important client wlll be dramatically different from the restaurant that wants to host your 3 year old’s birthday.

So what do we mean by “atmosphere”

Well atmosphere is a byproduct of how each restaurant meets the core underlying needs or desires of their respective markets.

So let’s start there…with a core insight from one of the masters in Direct Response Copywriting – Eugene Schwarz.

What is a core mass desire?

It’s the public culmination of everyone’s most powerful private wants.

Now Humans have three main mass desires.  They want…

  1. Better Health
  2. Better Status (Money, Wealth, Respect)
  3. And Better Relationships

So for example, people get hungry and providing food to satisfy them fulfills their mass desire to have Better Health.

But with these two restaurants – the “atmosphere” wasn’t about feeding hungry people.

Because, better health was not the CORE desire – the #1 want that needed to be filled.

Instead, each restaurant targeted the other two different core desires.

And so attracted the respective patrons in each desire to their restaurant.

Let’s start with the guy trying to impress his client and win his $1 million project.

What is the core desire here?

We can borrow from the world of direct response marketing and use a socratic method to get to an answer.

Here’s how we would do it and dive down in our example.

“ I want to take this client to THIS restaurant ==> “ Make a great impression…

==> “ Win the Client project…

==> “ Make more money…

==> Achieve Greater Status 

With all this at stake, you can see why you’d pick this restaurant and not the child one.

This restaurant will better impress your client, helping you win the project, make you more money, and achieve greater status.

And all this would be felt subconsciously…

So this restaurant would have an atmosphere all about success and status.

Now, let’s do the same exercise for child’s birthday meal restaurant.

“I want to take my child to THIS restaurant…

==> “Make a great impression….

==> “make my daughter happy…

==> “become a hero to her and my wife…

==> Achieve Better Relationships.

So here we go.. I take the client to the restaurant that creates an atmosphere to better enable me to achieve Greater Status.

I take my child to the restaurant that creates an atmosphere to better enable me to become a hero to my family and achieve Better Relationships.

So where is price in all this?

We’ll talk about that tomorrow…

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