Martyrs To Help You Grow Your Business

Governor of Rome showing martyr to crowd

No I’m not talking about death

(Unless it’s relieving the day to day business grind that feels like you’re dying).

I’m talking about the actual meaning of the word that comes from the Greek – “Martys.”

Martyr or Witness.

You see witnesses or martyrs can help us grow our business.

Especially because many of us business owners suffer alone and try to do everything ourselves.

And we end up wasting time, money and our sanity in reinventing a wheel even though there are all types of other wheels out there.

But successful entrepreneurs – the pioneers we hear about – surrounded themselves with fellow entrepreneurs, collaborated and shared insights and best practices.

These other entrepreneurs often saw or experienced the challenges our hero was facing and were able to save them time and money by helping them avoid the same mistakes or showing them a better way to accomplish what they wanted.

Not everyone now has such a network of expert witnesses, so we are launching our Sophiall Monthly Mastermind to business owners this month.

Our Sophiall Mastermind meets twice a month.

Here members can learn new best practices to implement in their business, have a forum to present themselves to grow the business, and ultimately participate in hot seats to tackle the insurmountable challenges stopping their business.

Sign up here for our launch on the 25th of January.

No longer do you need to do it all alone.