No One Cares About Your Logo

Logo salesman drawn as a clown

“George Sotiropoulos, say hello to the new XXXXXX.
This past year has been incredible for XXXXX. As we expand our services and enter new markets, we also decided to invest in a major brand refresh! 🥳

Clear, bold and confident. The new XXXXX brand reflects our evolution from an …. to becoming a global workspace solution provider.

Working closely with our friends at YYYYYY, we listened to you, our users, to create a modern look and feel that marks the beginning of a new chapter for XXXXXX.”

Are you as bored as I was in reading this?

The funny thing is I went into the app and nothing had changed in their customer experience!

Nothing was improved.

Nothing was changed and so the reasons I subscribed once and never renewed were still there!

Now I can tell you who does care.

The owners of this business who spent time and money on painting a wall instead of building a dream home.

And their “friends” who convinced them to pay them to create something…

That nobody who matters (the customers and prospects) cares about!

How does your new logo make my life easier?

How does it enhance my experience so you stand out and I want to do business with you… again and again?

It doesn’t.

Reminds me of a story from a Chinese history class I took ages ago.

In 1893, China was at the mercy of the European powers who were carving up the country into spheres of influence and colonies. Modernising their military was a critical necessity.

But instead, the Empress Dowager Cixi took the money that was earmarked to build a fleet and instead …

built a big marble boat.

Which did nothing to protect the Chinese from European and later Japanese invasion and conquest over the next 50 years.

I wonder how who the slick salesman was who convinced her that a marble boat was worth more than a navy.

Just like today’s Snake Oil Branding Bats.

Creatures that suck a business’s life by convincing business owners that “brand imagery” is crucial to their success, and thus manipulate entrepreneurs to invest their time and money in colours and shapes instead of enhancing solutions and the customer experience.

Which is why we discuss identifying and protecting yourself from the Snake Oil Branding Bats and their worthless and irrelevant solutions in our Owners Table.

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