Opportunity of a Lifetime this Weekend?

“This is Great!  I’m looking for a 50% investor so we should talk!”

I think he almost jumped in my lap as we introduced ourselves and he found out that I help make businesses sellable.

He immediately passed me his business card which was printed on a piece of paper –  the very thin type you use to print a newspaper or as a baking sheet to make cookies.

“So what’s your business?” I asked him as I gently handled his business card to avoid it tearing or flying away.

“It’s amazing…  you see this picture…”

A postcard was passed in my hand and I couldn’t tell if it was either the house from Home Alone or Michael Meyer’s house in Halloween.  I just knew it was definitely not a house or neighborhood here  or anywhere close to Dubai.

“So let’s say you have to do some major work on your house…I created a platform where you put in what you’re looking for and I have the suppliers signed up on the platform and they give the cheapest prices and then you select who you want..  pay me the contact price….  they do the work… and then I release the payment when you are satisfied to the vendor…”

“So you act as an escrow of some sort” I asked him..

“No.. i’m not a SCARECROW or try to make them afraid …”

“So you have a prototype ready to go.. suppliers signed on and looking for a customer to give a job..”

“Not exactly.. no one has signed up but they are looking at the platform…”

I see.. you are looking for a 50% investor to invest in nothing for a business where customers leave thousands of dollars in your hands who don’t know you while they wait for a job to finish from no one in the system…

“Good luck” I shook his hand as I freed myself while he latched onto someone else to tell him the deal of the lifetime.

And it got me thinking…

How often do we talk the talk but when we walk the walk we are as hapless as our wheeling and dealing paper business card man?

Do we provide the customer experience to match our vision and promises?

Do we take the time to structure our business for a future buyer or investor to easily see its results and paths of growth; or do we keep it hidden in our heads and hope for the best?

I’d be curious.. let me know your thoughts.

Thinking About Selling Your Business

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