Paid to Look Like an “ASH”

Donkey sitting in a tuxedo at a computer sending emails

“I couldn’t help but notice that we’re both active in the UAE business industry, and I’m reaching out to see if you might be interested in taking your career to new heights.”

How could I not respond to this InMail in my Linkedin?

We have so much in common.

We both live in Dubai

And so we both do business in the UAE..

(Um…. Because that is where Dubai is located…)

It got me thinking of some new marketing pitches…

“Hey I noticed you have bowel movements.. so do I.. buy my subscription program and take your career to new heights…”

“Hey I noticed you have children.. and that you feed them so they don’t starve…. Me too! Buy my subscription program and take your career to new heights…”

“Hey I noticed you like to torture small animals…

(Actually then I call the police because we have a serial killer in our midst…)

Let’s get serious here.

Do you think this guy who sent me this message sat down one day and thought to himself.. “hmmm let me try to make a sale by being lazier than s**t and trying to make a connection on the fact we both live and do business in the same city…”

No he isn’t .

Because I recognize him.

He’s built a successful business that has been around nearly 20 years.

He didn’t do it by being lazy.

Nope.. he has been vicitmised by a 2.0 Linkedin Marketing Snake.

The modern version of a 19th century traveling doctor who approached a very busy entrepreneur and promised the magic of hundreds of “qualified leads” with his AI driven system and that will rocket his growth with the smallest effort.

And he delivered to him this Cow Turd.

A useless open that only makes this guy look like a fool.

I can guarantee you if you met him live and shook his hand.. he wouldn’t ask you to buy his program because you both live in Dubai.

After all, Only an Ash would buy from an Ash.

And this guy isn’t looking to raise Donkeys.

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