Peace of Mind and Profits from Predictability

beautiful nature scene to show peace of mind

I spoke briefly yesterday about Dan Kennedy’s Present and Future Bank concepts.

How you can build your wealth and secure your future by being able to deposit in both your Present and Future Banks with every activity and transaction.

How a restaurant can build a machine for repeat sales and filling tables by collecting birthdates from patrons.

It comes down to making your sales more frequent and predictable.

And Predictability makes your business more valuable

While providing better peace of mind.

Having sales in the pipeline gives you a big leg up (compared to starting from scratch) and lets you invest or staff up more strategically.

For example, I was speaking with a delivery company the other day that is starting strong.

But they are worried.

Sales are doubling but they are unsure when and how to invest in trucks and staff.

For now they are reactive.. volume hits X.. they buy Y.

And that will work as long as the sales follow the trend.

But what it sales veer off course? Go Flat or even decline…

While a fleet of new trucks come on board?

Than it’s slash and cut which leads to other issues.

So for this business, the ability to be able to predict with confidence their sales and to staff proactively would be a godsend.

Not only would it reduce waste

But give them the peace of mind that they are truly on a path of rapid but sustainable growth.

And if they put on the hat of making their new business “sellable…”

They gain the discipline, strategies, insights and framework to guide their decisions and make their growth more predictable, rapid and sustainable.

And so own a business that is more lucrative and easier to run.

How about you? Do you have the framework to guide you in taking the decisions that will enhance both your Present and Future Banks?

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