Perfect Timing for a BS Parking Ticket

Pig selling a pink vintage car

Yesterday I had the first sesson of my Roadblock Advisory Series. This one was about Differentiation and how to identify and use it to attract and retain customers and increase referrals and profits.

After saying goodbye a parking ticket was waiting for me from Hertz in my Inbox.

We had gone to the Costa Coffee in Birchgrove Swansea UK on New Years Eve and ordered coffees and sat with the family while we waited to drive to see the childrens’ Great Grandfather.

We were parked in the Costa Lot that was half-empty.

We ordered a couple of rounds, stayed a bit and then left.

The Parking ticket reported that we parked at Costa for 100 minutes.. 10 minutes more than some 90 minute time limit arbitrarily imposed by Parking Eye.

The Fine?


So let me get this straight.

We go to a coffee shop.

We order and drink and then stay longer to order again and drink some more.

We are slapped with a £100 fine.

So why was this perfect timing?

Because it’s a lesson on HOW NOT to Differentiate yourself.

Taking your best customers who decide to do more business with you and you respond by bending them over a barrel….

That’s not differentiation…It’s a four letter word.. starting with R … ending in E.

So Costa might get a cut of this fine but I guarantee you our patronage and those of our friends and network are worth a lot more than that.

Which we discussed yesterday.

You might have missed out on differentiation but we will be discussing a practical strategy to step back and delegate next week.  Sign up here to attend.



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