Punch in the Gut Discount

man in expensive suit begging for money

“The guy down the street charges half the price you do…”

“I need you to give me a discount….”

“I can find 3 guys in South Africa for the fee I’d pay you…”

When I first started these were some of things that were said to me.

And the pressure to give in … and give them a discount was immense..

But I held my ground

And those things are not said to me anymore..

Why? Because I stand behind what I deliver and I know the outcome I can provide – often life changing for business owners and their families.

Here’s the funny thing..

The Discount Zombies and Price Pythons who asked me to take food from my childrens’ mouth often were not willing to cut their prices.

The Event Planner who told me about his potential magical management team in South Africa was speechless when I asked him to quote his next fee 2/3 lower because after all.. I could show him an event planner out of Bangladesh who was that much cheaper.

And the guy down the street? Please go to him and then let me know how it goes when you come back to me…

And the one who demanded a discount…. Couldn’t give an answer as to which parts of the outcome he wanted to sacrifice for the nickle and dime fee he wanted.

But there is no need to even deal with these people.

And we show you how to confidently price for the outcome you provide and to ensure you get the profit margin you need to grow your business and give you the life you want.

If you are a service business owner with at least a 5 figure monthly income, you will not want to miss the 1% investment that can return you 10 or 100x through Impact Based Pricing.

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