Rare and Vintage Cars in a Pig Sty

Pig selling a pink vintage car

We are in the UK for the holidays, and we were going to an Amazon Locker to pick up a purchase.

When we looked it up on Google it sent us to a Car Dealership specialising in Fine and Vintage Cars.

It even had a picture of the dealership and listed it as the Amazon Locker.

So I go to the shop and walk in.

There is a blonde woman speaking to someone else so I begin to look at one of the cars as I didn’t want to disturb her.

The Car was beautiful and I was looking at its specs when I was interrupted by a stern..

“What do you want?” from the blonde woman.

“Oh hi.. I came across your shop in google maps is this right?”

“yes that is right…” was a sharp retort.

“Ok well google maps is saying you’re an Amazon locker… is that right?”

“Well they are wrong.. and you are the first one who ever came in with that…goodbye”

“Well that might be the case… but you might want to tell Google not to advertise you as a locker…”

“I’m not going to tell them…you can tell them..”

“Why would I care to tell them.. I don’t own or work here.”

“Well I’m not going to tell them..” in a tone of voice which was telling me to F off and get lost…

Laughing I walked out of the shop because it highlights what I have spoken about before.

If this woman was staff.. I would fire her on the spot.

If this woman was an owner…. Well it would explain why no other customers were in the shop at that point..

But ultimately it proves…you can’t put lipstick on a pig and call it a queen.
How about you? Does your staff showcase your business as you wish or as a pig trough?

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– George