Save a Cent.. Kill The Business

A clown which shows the spammer is holding a business meeting

Here is an email I received after giving a customer journey to business value workshop. I thought it worth sharing..


Dear George,

Great workshop, and I wanted to share a recent experience that left me pondering the delicate balance between cost management and customer satisfaction.

Last night, I visited my once-favorite cigar bar at the local hotel, renowned for its high-end smoke filtration systems and the plush comfort of its seating. It was a place where regulars like myslef could enjoy a nice cigar in comfort, and enjoy the end of a long day.

To my dismay, the scene had changed dramatically. The sophisticated filtration machines were nowhere to be seen, replaced a nasty smokey ambiance from the cheap cigarettes.

Even more jarring was the swap from those magnificent chairs to ones that seemed to scream discomfort, almost urging patrons to finish quickly and leave.

It felt as though the cigar bar had shifted its focus, pinching pennies in a way that cheapened the whole experience. What was once a haven for us now felt like a place with no soul, all in an attempt to save what three cents on the dollar?

This experience served as a stark reminder of what you talked about and the stupidity in sabotaging the customer experience to cut costs. It’s a dangerous game that can turn loyal patrons into distant memories, all for an insignificant saving.

True value lies not in the transaction but in the long-term relationships built with your customers.

Warm regards,

Mike G.

It’s an interesting example of how the smallest “savings” can actually sabotage an entire business.