Sellable Business and Legacy – Day 3

In my last two messages, I’ve been talking about owning a sellable business and the numerous benefits it can bring. Today, let’s take a deeper dive into how sellability contributes to creating your lasting legacy.

You have a unique opportunity to build something that can endure beyond your time. A sellable business goes beyond just the money – it’s about establishing something with longevity and sustainability, creating a legacy that can benefit your family and community for years to come.

When your business is sellable, it means you have built a solid foundation, efficient systems, and a skilled team that can keep operations running smoothly even when you are away.

`it means you have a business that can persist through time and unforeseen events – a legacy in other words.

And a sellable business can provide real value – outside being sold – to customers, employees, and your entire community. It can represent your greatest legacy and one that people remember you by.

For example, in the region of Greece my parents come from there was a man, Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos, who started poor in a village and then became fabulously successful in starting a shipping empire from one loan boat.

He created a sellable business but he chose not to sell. Instead, he left a legacy for the region by single handedly developing it through both his resorts and roads and other infrastructure.

“His life’s work was to revitalise one of Greece’s most depressed regions with international luxury ecotourism. Costa Navarino, one of the most unspoiled and breathtaking seaside Mediterranean landscapes, is therefore a bold project to achieve this end: to offer luxurious yet sustainable options for people the world over to come and discover the unspoiled beauty of Captain Vassilis’ homeland while immersing themselves in the history of the region and offering employment opportunities to the local community.”

He died years ago but his legacy lives in the airport named after him and one of the finest European resorts at the Costa Navarino in Messenia Greece.

Owning a premium sellable business gives you the most options as to what happens to it in the future. Whether you choose to pass it on to a family member, sell it to a potential buyer, or mentor a passionate employee to take the reins, the choice is yours. This sense of freedom gives you a say in the legacy you want to leave behind.

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