Setting Your Worth: A Post-Holiday Reflection

As we kickoff 2024, many of us have made some ambitious and far-reaching resolutions of what to do with your business this year.

I know I have big plans for Sophiall and that includes the Masterminds and Workshops we are kicking off.

One topic that is resonating strongly and which I spoke about during Christmas is Pricing.

Are you pricing what you are worth?

It resonates because the lessons I picked up in pricing I had to learn after some significant sacrifices and costs for myself.

Sacrifices and costs that we designed the workshop so you can avoid.

And get to the value so you can start the year running.

Pricing isn’t just a tag you slap on a service.

It’s that and more..

A strategy

A mindset

An integrated approach to determining it, communicating it, and executing it.

Which we will start on 17 January with the What are you Worth Pricing Workshop with Mark Griffiths.

Sign up here for a hands on approach to getting your pricing right and communicating it with confidence.