Shine Like a Diamond Get Paid Like Coal..

man in expensive suit begging for money

Like many independent consultants, Mark began his journey in the corporate world, where his skills and contributions were appreciated, but then conveniently overlooked when it came to paying.


He relentlessly pursused excellence, and he relentlessly grappled with the challenge of defining his worth.


He brought his dedication and expertise to every project, but he was rarely compensated for the value he provided.


Frustration and doubt grew with every slight and every pressure point to “drop his fee.”


This disparity gnawed at him…


Even more so as he took on diverse clients, both corporates and local community projects, which enhanced his skills but kept him pay cheque to pay cheque, until there were not enough to keep a roof over his head.


The pivotal moment came with his involvement in Welsh rugby.


It gave Mark an epiphany.


He began to see how much his work was impacting society – building communities, improving mental health, and helping people find jobs.


He realised that his value was not just in the tasks he executed, but in the outcomes and transformations he was creating in peoples’ lives.


With this newfound understanding, Mark’s mindset shifted.


He started to view his work as a mix of solving problems, creative thinking, and managing resources. His value was in weaving these elements into a coherent and impactful solution.


Emboldened by this realisation, Mark repositioned himself. He no longer only charged for the services he provided, but for the value and impact he added – often transcending immediate needs and touching lives in more ways than one.


Mark’s story is a compelling one.


It tells us the importance of recognising one’s value and the courage to demand to be paid what one is truly worth.


And in a world where so many of us are often undervalues and underpaid, it’s a story that needs to be told.


And the lessons are at the core of the workshop Mark and I are presenting together titled “Charge What You Are Worth”.


How would it change your life to be paid what you are worth?


Find out by clicking on this link to register and attend the next session.  (By the time you read this, today’s session may no longer be available but we have two encore presenations on the 26th of January and the 20th of February).


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