Stand Out to Take Your Business Higher

Yesterday I related how George Business Advisor GPT was asked 3 tips for growing a business.  The first step was as follows:

  1. Differentiate Your Business: Differentiation is key to standing out in a competitive market. Understand the core desires of your target market and develop a unique value proposition that resonates with them.

This means offering something unique and superior that addresses your customers’ needs better than your competitors.

For instance, if you’re an accountant, you could specialise in a niche market and offer services that are particularly tailored to that segment, providing more value compared to a generalist approach.

Now I would have picked a better example than my GPT relayed here but his description is spot on.

But’s let talk it through.

We often make a mistake of defining the solutions we provide by how we describe our business to the Tax Man.

So for example, a friend, when asked what she did replied…. “I sell Facebook and Instragram ads and I’m a Meta Advisor..”.


And so she was struggling with attracting the right types of customers.  You know customers who appreciated what she did and weren’t discount zombies who squeezed her for everything she got.

You see her answer commoditised her.  It made her the same as the other 5.9 million results that show up when you ask about felling facebook advertising.

So first thing we did… was look at her major wins for the clients she wanted and she walked me through what she did.

And she had excellent results for them… such as 30x ROAS for one.

We then walked through her process and what about it made it unique and able to deliver these results.

We then took those insights and crafted a new message for what she did.

No more focusing on features or cliché Benefits that everyone has heard before and mostly discount.

Instead true outcomes and wins that changed her clients’ businesses and that made them refer others to her.

Part of differentiating herself was also deciding how and who she would spend time with.

The Discount Zombies were fired.

And she went on to her highest sales and profits since she started a few years ago.

How about you?

Do you know how to stand out so you can propel your growth?


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