Stop Leaving Money on the Table: Master Your Pricing Now

successful business meeting people shaking hands in suits showing positive result of pricing strategy

Having trouble figuring out the right price for your services?

Scared of losing customers but frustrated with undercharging and not seeing the profits you deserve?

Tired of worrying about what your competitors charge?

Are you guilty of any or all of these 3 Growth Killing Profit Destroying Pricing Sins:

  • Charging what you think your clients can afford? WRONG! Learn what you should do instead.
  • Lowering prices to beat competition? WRONG! Discover a smarter way to stand out.
  • Pricing based on industry standards? WRONG! Find out the unique approach that works.

If so, it’s time to turn your business around with our “Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration” workshop.


  2. COMPETITIVE PRICING often does more harm than good.
  3. EFFECTIVE PRICING is more than just charging what you’re worth.

Join us on February 6, 2024, for an exclusive session that will revolutionise the way you approach pricing.

Learn from experts Susan Trivers and George Sotiropoulos, who will guide you through the principles of Effective Pricing to grow your business and Susan’s Signature Impact Based Pricing (IBP), a strategy that has helped her clients win over $72 billion in business over the last 20 years.

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll address common challenges like pricing paralysis, profit erosion, and competitive pressures. You’ll learn how to set prices that reflect the impact of your solutions and guarantee you the profit margin you want, ensuring financial health and sustainable growth.

Say goodbye to the stress of under-pricing and embrace a strategy that values your work appropriately.

Unlock the secrets to profitable pricing and watch your business soar.

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Let me give you some more reasons you will want to join us next Tuesday on this workshop.


You will Learn How To:

  • Shatter the shackles of under-pricing and unlock your true business potential.
  • Transform your pricing from stressful to a profit engine in just one session.
  • Leverage Impact Based Pricing to create a magnetic draw for premium clients.


You will learn the secret to

  • Increase your pricing and drive up your profits while attracting more of your valuable customers and repelling those you do not want.
  • Pricing mindsets and strategies that make your competitors irrelevant.
  • Aligning your prices with the transformative value you offer.


You Will Discover Why

  • Traditional pricing strategies are failing you – and what you can do about it.
  • Impact Based Pricing could be your ticket to financial freedom.
  • Your current pricing might be the invisible barrier to explosive business growth.


You Will Learn What

  • Your competitors don’t want you to know about premium effective pricing strategies.
  • You must do right NOW to turn your pricing into a Business Growth Accelerator.
  • Impact Based Pricing can do for your business’s bottom line.


Avoid Costly Mistakes and Learn

  • What you should NEVER do when setting your prices – and so fall into a common trap for many entrepreneurs.
  • What NEVER to overlook when evaluating the true value of your services.
  • The one pricing strategy you should NEVER use if you want sustainable business growth.
  • Three common critical pricing mistakes that are silently killing your profits and stopping your growth 


And if that’s not enough, what happens if you just keep doing the same thing and expect different results (which is basically insane)? 

  • An ineffective pricing strategy that can slowly drain your business’s vitality – and your soul.
  • You could fall into the discounting death trap – losing out on the opportunity to do it a better way.
  • You could be ignoring a crucial WARNING about underpricing – and letting in the silent killer of many small businesses.
  • You might be pushing away your ideal clients and attracting your worst nightmare clients without even realising it.
  • You may end up working harder and harder – to earn less and less?


According to the “Millionaire Maker” Dan Kennedy 90% of entrepreneurs undervalue their services and not only leave money at the table but cripple their growth and future.


However, when you discover the power of Impact Based Pricing, your business will never be the same.

Once you stop trying to compete on price, and instead attract the right customers, you’ll see your profits and business value soar.

And best of wall, when you master the art of pricing – financial stress becomes a thing of the past.

So sign up for Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration Mastermind.


It’s BETTER THAN DISCOUNTS. Instead you have a strategy that adds value without slashing prices

It’s BETTER THAN GUESSWORK. You’ll have a scientific mathematical pricing approach that gives you the profit margin you want, regardless of which of your options your customer chooses.

Ultimately, it’s A BETTER WAY TO PRICE:

And can be done in 3 SIMPLE STEPS

Which we will show you in just 2 hours.

So Sign up now and use the Code “YesBillion” to get an Early Bird 20% off by 11:59 PM Wednesday 31st January EST and get your spot for only USD $245 USD $196.