The Marketing Wizard Returns

Marketing wizard returns with some more bad automated marketing so picture shows wizard homeless

I am so excited..  E.K. has followed up with me!

(I spoke three days ago about E.K. and his amazing methodology that puts you in the wrong industry, the wrong role and promises you tons of business… You can read the original post here)

“Hi George..

 “Just circling back on my previous message. Any thoughts so far?”

Yeah..  thank you for giving me content for two different days of posts and emails.

“I’m also curious if you have a free slot in your schedule for a chat this coming week.”

No.. I’m still waiting for the Sheikh to respond to your invitation to urgently contact me at my Company Self Employed in the industry I do not participate in Commercial Real Estate.

P.S. Congratulations on your Business managment certificate! That’s really impressive! I guess it heleped you to gain a lot of skills and knowledge.”

I love earning certificates from others congratulating me who invented it themselves. Not sure it heleped me but hey I won’t turn down a reward for that certificate in the mail.

– – –

Let me tell you what’s scary about the Marketing Wizard.

I looked up their business and it’s a genuine business that has been around for years!

It has a decent website with good messaging and good testimonials.

You can tell they have put a lot of hard work to launch and grow this business and looks like they have had successes.

For me to get this email, I can tell they were looking to scale and grow and reach prospects half way around the world and beyond where they are located.

Fast and easy…

And they slipped….

Actually, In fact they tumbled down a cliff like tourists snapping a selfie in the Grand Canyon for their final moments on this earth…

By sending something so incredibly stupid.

Lead Generation is their bread and butter and they have completely destroyed their reputation for competence in it by how bad they executed this cold email campaign.

Company name: Self Employed?? When I have my company name Sophiall all over my profile and email?

Industry: Commerical Real Estate?? when I go on and on about helping SMEs capture the full value of what they built?

What does that have to do with developing offices?

But I feel sorry for E.K in a way.

Because even a business like theirs, which should know better, still fell victim to another bad actor that haunts businesses like ours.. and separates us from our money while getting fat on manipulation and false expectations.

We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

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