The Mistress and the Marital Bed

My client, a Catholic, felt the weight of the 7th Commandment on his back.

 “You shall not commit adultery”

 He had a mistress

 A mistress that took his weekends and often relegated his nights to the sofa and away from his marital bed.

 He didn’t love this mistress.  He wasn’t particularly attracted to her.

 In fact, he found her cold and repulsive.

 High maintenance and very expensive.

 But if he ignored her, she would just get more insistent, and he would have to spend even more time with her.

 She played a part in the family’s livelihood and so he felt he could not abandon her.

 His children and wife saw her all the time.  Silently looking at them with a peculiar gaze. 

 My client also worked a full-time job that required nearly an hour commute either way. 

 It didn’t matter how late he worked that day or into the evening.

 The mistress demanded him to herself when he came home. 

 To be turned on by him, and for him to focus all his attention on her.

 Does he want a family dinner?  – “Sure.. but come to me when the kids go to bed.”

 Does he want drinks with the lads?  “No problem… but come to me when you get home.. and don’t even think of going to sleep before you play with me.”

 Family holidays?  “Sure.. sounds great..  and I’ll be there too. Where are we going?”

 Got a new phone?  “Great..  I’ll have full access too…Thank you”

 The mistress couldn’t dance. She couldn’t cook. She couldn’t hold a real conversation.

 And yet she went everywhere with my client.  Always behind him or over his shoulder. 

 Attached to his right hip. 

 Always letting him know she was nearby and soon he would need to give his full attention to her.

 And he did…

 Until he got help.

 You see in addition to his full-time job, he was running his own business with his wife and that is how the mistress got involved.

 She became integral to his business.  The recordkeeper for all his transactions.

 She told him how much money he made and what costs they had coming up.

 But she was clever and would only respond to him. 

 So he felt he had to pay attention to her to know how the business was doing

 And that is where the help came.

 It started out by having him rethink the purpose of his business from being an income source (like a 2nd job) to an asset that he should build and sell one day.

 In order for it to sell, the business would have to become independent of him.

 To do that, he would have to delegate and outsource.

 And he would have to get rid of the mistress.

 And he did…

 He outsourced his bookkeeping and financial reporting to a proper company.

 The mistress was no longer needed and in a space of a couple of days disappeared from his life.

 Now the hours he spent on the mistress he spent instead with his family and on growing his business.

 And the results showed..

 The company is growing at a record pace and he is on track to quit his full time job.

 The family has been able to take real holidays together.

 And he gets to sleep every night in his marital bed with his wife…

 As for the mistress – Mademoiselle Microsoft Excel?  

Well she is just a productivity tool now that no longer demands his attention.

 And no longer does he spend all his time doing all the management and bookkeeping on the monstrous file that took over 20 hours a month to maintain.

 He got his life back and can read the 7th Commandment with peace of mind.