The Rule to Put Gold in your Pocket


“Do to others what you want them to do to you.”
– Matthew 7:12

The Golden Rule.

Quoted above in the New Testament and prevalent in some form or other throughout the ages in most of the major religions and throughout the globe (often stated in the negative.. don’t do what you don’t want done to you..).

It’s also at the heart of providing a superior customer experience that can create for you thousands of loyal customers who will be loyal, repeat buyers, and tell their friends and families about you….

“George, here you go again…. Talking once again about treating customers well…..blah blah blah..”

“Come on! I know that…I got a business to run… and I do my best.. but can’t we park this La La stuff until we get to the customer service section… or better yet outsource it so I can use the money and save it elsewhere?”

Sorry… I didn’t realise I was interrupting the beginning of your sentence with the middle of mine…

But why do I keep harping on the customer experience?

Because it’s the key to whether you can even sell your business and will help drive how much you can get.

If you remember, I sent an email months ago about Barefoot winery. At the time it was one of the largest acquisitions in the industry and the seller – Barefoot – had no trucks, vineyards or grapes!

When the buyer asked what he was getting for his money.. as there were no assets to speak of (as he asked the questions he was grasping at empty air showing what he thought he was buying),

the answer?

The book of customers….

That’s right…

The book of customers.. the book of predictable and profitable revenues. A book of customers who were so loyal and predictable that Barefoot was able to get a premium solely on this book of buyers and what they would do in the Gallo universe.

And this book was not brought down by a modern day Moses from Mount Sinai.

It was a book, created day after day, customer experience by customer experience over 20 years of the owners following the Golden Rule when it came to their customers.

And it paid off big…

So back to my point…

The Golden rule….

Treat your customers how you would like to be treated…

And behold.. the sea parts and thousands of potential customers flee the abysmal service of the big companies and their appalling service…..

(Sorry couldn’t help myself…)

Into your arms…

To create your customer book….

To give you a key driver to making your business more valuable

And giving you the life you want.. starting today.

To your Success and Sanity,


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