The Tail that Wags the Profits

Dog sitting at a table holding a board meeting

Yesterday I spoke about Sales Choreography.

Today let me tell you about my experience bringing my dog to the vet and the four legged dance I enjoyed every moment of.

I will go into a little detail because I want to show the choreography as I experienced it.

First I found out about this Vet from my friend Federica, who when I asked where she takes her dog, told me about Vito, the owner of Vets and Pets in Dubai.

“You know he gets down to the level of the dog to put them at ease and takes the time instead of rushing them out.”

That was step 1.. the Referral and testimonial from an enthusiastic customer.

So I booked the appointment for the next day at 6;30 pm.

Step 2 was the booking process.   A nice message with the request to send information on the chat and a “cute” picture of the dog.  The information took me two minutes to fill out and return via whats app.

Step 3 was the actual visit. We entered the clinic and the first thought that jumped to mind was “Wow..”.

You see the clinic looked CLEAN.. and I mean very clean as if you could eat off the floor and not have a problem even though it’s a vet office.

The clinic smelled NICE.  We are talking about a lemon grass scent and fresh air pumped through the office. You would never know you were in the Vet’s office except for the framed high-quality pictures of a dog and cat on the wall and the products along the wall.

Step 4 was the wait.  Dr. Vito was busy so we went into the side room to wait and the office person told us to let the dog free to relax in the room.  As she is an anxious dog it was perfect opportunity for her to sniff and relax.

Step 5 was the consultation.  Dr Vito came in and took his time to allow the dog to calm down (she is cute but honestly really dopey and annoying with strangers with an ear piercing bark..).  He was able to calm her down with his demeanor and treats.

Step 6 was the examination.  He had me hug the dog and then he was able to give her the full examination and diagnosis without her getting all anxious (like she normally did with other vets).

Step 7 was the vaccination.  Similar to the examination, he was able to keep her at ease while she took in 2 shots and a spray in her nose.

Step 8 was the conclusion and next steps.  We booked a follow up and higher cost procedure for her teeth (which looked worse than some 24/7 pub crawling football fans).

At no time did I feel sold to and to be honest by step 8 I was going to buy whatever he recommended for the dog. 

The dance was that good…

Tomorrow we will compare that to other visits to other vets so you can see how the choreography makes a difference but also how critical it is to execute it.

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