Tzatziki, Gyros and Pizza?

Today is my 9th wedding anniversary and we are having dinner in the region of Greece where we got married.

The town is along the sea with a strand of restaurants directly on the beach and all having the identical view of a full moon over a calm sea.

A view that’s priceless – (I’ve seen lesser views in Dubai commanding premium prices).

The restaurants share this view and are right next to each other.

But their fates are wildly different.

One – where we will be having our dinner tonight is constantly busy. Lunch and dinner during peak times and you will rarely find an empty table.

Two other ones – sit empty.

And for different reasons.

The first place has as its title, the Greek cafe.

And from a distance you can see a very strong promotion of Greek food on the sign and the style of the facade.

It’s a great location too – it’s a corner unit next to a hotel (that’s always full) and at the beginning of the foot traffic.

The problem arises when you get closer to the restaurant.

You’re met by signage of pictures of the different Greek food items.

The pictures are of low digital quality and most likely were from a camera phone – a nokia phone from 2008.

It screams of tourist trap cheesiness.

And then there is a big picture of a pizza and a promotion for pizza.

Somehow a café called the Greek Café with a zorba like circus signage on it has its main promotion – pizza.

And it’s not working.

The tables are empty even when people are waiting for seats in the next Greek restaurant down the strand.

The owner is passionate and keeps a clean place and is friendly to the handful of people who come in.

But the message and the way you see the restaurant as you walk by it is confusing and screams low quality – (which is unfortunate if the reality is much different).

That said, do you want to risk a dinner experience here on a short holiday when there are other places to choose from?

And so you move on to the next place….as do most walking down this path.

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