What are Time Spiders and Why You Should Care

spider with red eyes and a clock behind it.

Yesterday I wrote about Time Spiders – how the time wasters in our day to day business that trap us and hold us back are like spiders that spin a web, hunt and kill their prey.

Here is how I define them in more detail.

TIME SPIDERS – These insidious creatures spin a web that eat away at the structure of your business and the quality of your life. They monopolise your waking moments by tying you up in busy work or distracting you with superficial entertainment so they can spin their web tighter and larger around you.

Besides the obvious I spoke about yesterday..

Customers monopolizing your time…

Employees wanting you to make their decisions for them…

Suppliers who you are dependent upon short arming you..

There are other time wasters or spiders in your life.

Starting with those seductive distractions.

You can feel its web when you spend time flicking through social media, catching up on your favourite sports team and holding off on doing key activities just for a few minutes while you take a quick break.. or have a quick snack and so glance at the standings or read the latest political debates.

As the web gets tighter you have to fight harder to try to get anything done. It gets harder and soon you feel “too tired” and “you will get to it tomorrow”

Another day passes and the Spider is stronger and more clever to meet you the next morning and the cycle continues.

Think about it..

You can more easily understand employees taking the Pizz and avoiding work they should be doing by surfing the net as they are in it for a salary – that will be paid regardless.

But as a business owner.. your time is limited and it can be spent either finding and exploiting opportunities for growth or spending it on distractions.

And distractions that often feel like you are being productive.

Which is why Time Spiders are so dangerous to you and your business.

For too long most of us business owners were resigned to an infestation of Time Spiders all over “the house.”

No longer.

If you’re ready to stop this insanity and get rid of these spiders who are trapping you and keeping you from owning the business and living the life you want – then start by taking the following two steps:

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