What Hype, Anguilla And $30 Million Can Teach You..

Governor of Rome showing martyr to crowd

This is an older story from August of 2023, but it says how the small territory of Anguilla was set to improve it’s GDP by 10% or $30 million because it own’s the internet domain suffix of “.ai”.

Companies were rushing to add that so they can cash in on the AI wave.

Reminds me of the late 1990s when everyone rushed for .com and some crappy website to show they are on the internet and to inflate their values.

Slapping .ai doesn’t make your customer experience, your business and what you provide magically so much better.

In fact, companies rushing to do so might end up looking like A**es.

Wannabes..  who can’t compete on what they actually provide and so look for the latest gimmick and current craze.

And they shoot themselves in the foot.


I’ll borrow form Perry Marshall who talked to us in Brian Kurtz’s online Titans Mastermind last thursday.

He talked about authenticity and how people are craving it more and more.

How deep fakes and other BS are turning people off.

Even how mass commoditisation is leading people to look for authenticity.

His example?  Concert tickets shooting up in price over the last few years while music itself has become mostly “free” via spotify and other apps.  It’s not the product people are clamoring for .. but the “authentic” experience.

Which I wrote about earlier this week with Dr Vito, his clean and professional Vets and Pets clinic and the competitor clinic that was tick infested with cheap substitutes.

What is the authentic experience you are providing?

Feel free to respond and put an .ai at the end!  (haha joking about the .ai but I’d love to hear your feedback).

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