When Cost Saving is Negligence

business man in dark wtih light shining behind as if knowledge but dark as in a curse.

For many years I was a subscriber to a Geopolitical newsletter called Stratfor.

I used it’s insights for my commentary to my banking clients when we were trading GCC FX markets.

It was spot on and predicted many of the conflicts that subsequently came to pass.  As it was unique many of my clients loved it and so renewing the subscriptions were always a no-brainer.

And it all changed in one day.

They got hacked.

All the user information was shared on Wiki Leaks (including my email) as well as the personal correspondences of Stratfor leaders, contributors and sources.

It was fatal for the newsletter and they eventually folded.

It’s a poignant lesson because they are not alone in falling victim.

Many of us already have been hacked and have email addresses already in the dark web.

And many of us won’t invest the basic fee to truly protect ourselves.

And it’s negligent because a hack can lead to several nasty consequences: Loss of money from accounts or excess charges, Loss of customers, hefty fines or a combination thereof.

Here in the UAE even a simple data breach can mean 6 to 7 figure fines.

So you cant control hackers but you can control 100% your investment in protecting yourself.

And that is the key to Michael Duffy’s Cybersecurity Don’t Get Hacked presentation he will be giving on Monday 26 February at the Deck Restaurant in Voco Hotel at the Palm.

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