Where Has the Snow Gone?

man in 3 piece suit with skis but no snow

I grew up in Chicago…

… with lots of snow…

Cold.. and wind..

I live in Dubai now…

… with no snow…

… no cold…

And mostly breezes..

It’s not a coincidence.

And so I was laughing when reading about some Midwesterners in a New York Times Article complaining…that it was too mild outside and where is the snow?

And of course a whole bunch of uninformed opinions on why there is no snow.

And one thought came to mind..

Why are you complaining? Did you forget how cold it was just a couple of years ago with -50 Windchills and even Lake Michigan freezing over?

But it proves a lesson and one for us business owners to think about

Some people can never be satisfied.

Not only is the glass not half full… it’s not even a glass anymore…

And so they want a refund…. Or a discount…

Or worse all your time and attention to hear their whining…

They’re not real customers with real legitimate complaints… just scammers trying to get something for free and using you.

And here’s the lesson

Just as no one can predict the weather 100% accurately, so no one can please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

The key is to make sure you’re pleasing the people you want to please.

So keep your service exceptional… and ignore the habitual grumblers

Know and defend your worth…. and be comfortable charging accordingly.

Which is the topic of our 17th January Workshop with Mark Griffiths.

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