Why Pay Him That?

One of my worst mistakes I made in my previous life was to take a full commission job without doing due diligence to see if the company actually had the relationships in place to make the commission viable.

Spoiler Alert: They didn’t…

And so I found myself in a position of “working for free” for months as I traveled back and forth between the UK and the Middle East to get those relationships going.

Even worse the owner of the business had an affinity for the bottle and as his decisions became more erratic the company was acquired by someone else.

The new owner promoted me and put me on a salary.

The previous owner slurred somewhat loudly.. “Why pay him? He works for free”

And so standing there with my colleagues in ear shot.. as my face reddened .. I learned the critical lesson.

The price you charge communicates your value.

And it’s even more true in running a business.

Where many self-confident owners become scared witless by cheap competition and run to slash their prices and shoot themselves in the foot.

Charging what you are worth will change your life and remove much of the stress that comes about looking at the daily cash flows.. or lack thereof.

So what is a ‘just right’ pricing strategy? Not too high to scare clients away, but not too low to undervalue your services – and yourself.

Find out through our “Do You Charge What You’re Worth?” Workshop on January 17th.

Learn from Mark Griffiths who at one time priced himself out of a roof over his head and then grew into understanding and believing his value and ended up not only landing 7 figure contracts but inspiring and helping thousands of other entrepreneurs to understand, believe and charge what they are worth.

In this workshop:
• Get the clarity to understand what you will charge – and why.
• Explore how to present your prices with confidence – say goodbye to the awkward ‘price talk’.

• Learn to read the market’s mind – understanding what your clients are really willing to pay.

• Come away with a spring in your step and the confidence to ask and receive what you are worth.

Join us, and let’s crack the pricing code together.

It’s time to ensure your price tag reflects the amazing value and impact you provide.

Reply to this email and I will send you the details when ready.