Win or Take Your Business Home

I’ve always said there are two industries you can learn a lot from when it comes to business.

Restaurants and professional sports.

Now for restaurants, it’s obvious. Everyone has an experience with restaurants. There are so many of them that you get to experience all the different varieties and see all types of strategies play out in real time.

Professional sports are interesting because it’s not just money that determines the team or business’ success.

It’s the win loss record.

Because the wins and losses provide the experience for the fans. In a sense – the customer experience.

For example, I woke up this morning and saw that the Chicago Cubs baseball team fired its very loyal manager – David Ross.

And not because David screwed up or did something wrong, but because someone else became available – Craig Counsell (who coached the neighbouring rivals – The Milwaukee Brewers). And Craig was paid $40 million to come over.

(As point of reference this would have been the equivalent to Arsenal firing Arsene Wegner one day and replacing him with Sir Alex Ferguson and then giving Alex the biggest contract in football to come over).

Here’s the thing.. when the season ended David was endorsed by the owner and all signs pointed to him coming back next year.

So this firing flies in the face of what one would consider loyalty and other virtues. It contradicts the popular opinion of how employers and employees should relate to each other.

But sports is an extreme example.

And in sports winning is all that matters because that is what its fans demand.

They demand a superior experience at all times or they “fire us”.

Just like our customers. We can’t rest on yesterday’s laurels.

And that is a lesson for all of us.



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