20 Seconds that Changes Their Lives

During the soft launch phase of my business, I took on a pro-bono client to run through my model, fine-tune it, etc.

They were a B2B business severely impacted by COVID and had lost nearly 70% of their corporate clients when they came to me.

They were trying to reignite growth by going B2C but found it a hard slog.


  • Competition for consumers were fierce.
  • Some of the competitors were deep pocketed and 
  • The one closest to my client in terms of their offerings had a much superior range and offering to consumers.

But the client was reluctant to let go of the B2C, because they felt they needed it to recover from COVID.

Then I ran them through a Business Growth and Scaling Exercise.

And 20 minutes later, they were 100% enthusiastic to return to their roots.

Fast forward 18 months… 

They have increased profits 8x… and the value of their company by 5x..

They turned down a 7 figure offer for their business, because they are growing at a 30% clip.

And they not only reconnected and got the old pre Covid Clients back… they have captured even more of their B2b Segment and are currently introducing higher margin products – at their customers request.


You will have to stay tuned to find out more about this Business Growth and Scaling Exercise.

In Dubai, I’ll be running this exercise with my Profit and Dine Attendees this Friday.

For everyone else, I will bring it to my online monthly mastermind group, which will launch next week, but I have not yet decided which specific date, so they will have to wait a little longer.

If you are in the UAE, join us for the Business Scale and Growth Exercise and other actionable insights without the hefty price tag this Friday, 8 March from 6-9 PM at the Voco Hotel The Deck Restaurant on the Palm. Sign up here for this all-inclusive Profit and Dine Mastermind

Join us for actionable insights without the hefty price tag. Sign up here for the launch of our Online Mastermind session on 12 March 2024 11 AM EST / 3 PM GMT / 7 PM GST.